Is Premarital Sex Wrong? Debunking the Taboo and Exploring India's Traditional Approach

Is Premarital Sex Wrong?
Premarital sex has long been a taboo topic in Indian society. Many young people are often hesitant to discuss it openly, and society as a whole has shied away from addressing this natural and fundamental aspect of human life. However, as the world progresses and traditional values begin to shift, it is time for us to have an honest and open conversation about premarital sex.

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Premarital Sex: Insight from Sadhguru, a renowned yogi and spiritual leader

Sadhguru, a renowned yogi and spiritual leader, recently addressed this topic in a talk with students. He shared his insights on how sexuality was handled traditionally in Indian culture and how society today needs to approach it. In his usual straightforward and non-judgmental manner, Sadhguru opened up about the need for us to address premarital sex without fear or shame.
Traditionally, in Indian culture, families would arrange marriages for their children at an early age. This would ensure that by the time they reached puberty, their emotions would already be tied to someone else. This emotional bond served as a way to control physical desires and prevent young people from engaging in premarital sex. This approach may have worked in the past when people got married at a younger age and started families early. However, with modern education and career priorities pushing marriage further into adulthood, this approach may not be as effective in today’s world.

Premarital Sex: Parents concern

One of the key reasons for parents’ concern about premarital sex is the fear of their children engaging in risky behavior and potentially facing unintended consequences such as unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. While these concerns are valid, completely ignoring the topic of premarital sex is not the solution. It’s essential to educate young people about safe sex practices and empower them to make responsible decisions.
Sadhguru believes that addressing the topic of premarital sex openly is crucial for creating a healthier society. He argues that if we continue to ignore this aspect of human nature, it can manifest in destructive ways, as seen in recent incidents of violence in society. Suppressing natural desires and emotions can lead to repressed anger and aggression, which can have harmful consequences.

Premarital Sex: Physical needs of an individual

Moreover, Sadhguru highlights the importance of addressing the physical needs of individuals. Just like nourishment is essential for survival, sexual desires are a natural and fundamental aspect of human life. We cannot expect people to ignore these desires entirely. Instead, we must find ways to address them in a healthy and responsible manner.
One possible solution is to encourage open discussions about premarital sex and provide access to sexual education resources. By educating young people about their bodies, safe sex practices, and emotional well-being, we can empower them to make informed decisions.

Premarital Sex: Societal attitude

Another approach could be a shift in societal attitudes towards premarital sex. Instead of treating it as a taboo topic, we could see it as a natural and healthy expression of human sexuality. This mindset change could enable individuals to seek help or guidance when needed and reduce the stigma around premarital sex.

Let go of society's serious attitude towards sex and embrace it as a playful and pleasurable experience

However, while addressing premarital sex openly may seem like an obvious move towards progress, we must also tread with caution. India is a country with diverse cultural values and religious beliefs, and any changes in societal attitudes must take into account these factors. We cannot afford to create a divide between traditional and modern values, leading to societal disruption.
Hence, Sadhguru calls for further research and debate on how to approach premarital sex in Indian society without causing major disruptions. One option could be setting up community centers or safe spaces where young people can learn about sexual health, receive counseling, and engage in discussions without judgment or shame.

Premarital Sex: Conclusion

In conclusion, premarital sex is a natural aspect of human life that needs to be addressed openly and honestly in Indian society. Ignoring or stigmatizing it will only lead to more harm and suffering. By educating young people, shifting societal attitudes, and creating safe spaces for discussions, we can create a healthier and more harmonious society. It’s time to break the taboo around premarital sex and embrace a more progressive approach towards this fundamental human need.

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