Anjali's exceptional journey to Arab country, where she found her true love

Anjali's exceptional journey to Arab country, where she found her true love
Meet Anjali, a charismatic and talented software developer who resides in the bustling city of Gurgaon. With her passion for coding and problem-solving, Anjali has established herself as an integral part of the tech industry. Her expertise in various programming languages and frameworks has made her a highly sought-after professional, allowing her to secure a well-paid job in a leading software development company.

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Anjali's exceptional journey to Arab country: How it all began?

One fateful night, as the clock struck midnight, Anjali found herself in a nightmarish situation. Exhausted from a long day at the office, she was heading back to her apartment complex, unaware of the danger lurking in the shadows. Suddenly, a group of menacing figures emerged from the darkness, their intentions evident as they forcefully seized Anjali and dragged her away. Fear gripped her as she struggled against their grasp, but the odds seemed insurmountable. They put chloroform on her mouth, soon Anjali had no sense. She was unconscious. Those goons put her in and van took her away.

Next day, Anjali slowly opened her eyes, confusion and panic washed over her as she tried to make sense of her surroundings. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust, revealing the cold metal walls that enclosed her. She realized with a jolt that she was trapped inside a container. She sensed that she is on a ship. Some food packets and water bottles were there to eat.
She had her watch on her wrist, she had kept some money, around 5000 INR in her bra, she had kept it for emergency use. She spent almost 3 and half days in that container.

Anjali's exceptional journey to Arab country: Where she is going?

After four long days of waiting, only a handful of people finally arrived. They approached her with kind smiles and gentle hands, offering solace and refuge in a beautiful villa nestled along the picturesque seashore. The villa, a hidden gem amidst the mesmerizing waves, provided a sanctuary for her weary soul.

In few minutes, she understood that she is in any Arab country. She dared to ask one of the man, In which country she is now? One replied – Qatar. Another man shouted in anger – Go get ready, our owner will come to you in few minutes. And then a man pushed her into a room and locked the door from outside. 


As she entered into the room, a sense of awe washed over her. The room was adorned with sleek and modern furnishings that exuded elegance and sophistication. The walls were painted in a calming shade of white. Bed was awesome, and bathroom was equipped with all the modern facilities. She opened the wardrobe, it was filled branded clothes, from bikini to burkha. She noticed that all the clothes are in the size that is fitted for her. 

Anjali's exceptional journey to Arab country: What she will do now?

She took a pink color Balconette Bra, thong panty and salwar suit. She was feeling dirty as she didn’t bathe for 4 days. She entered into the bathroom, put down her clothes one by one. When she was about to put off her bra, she remembered, there was some money in her bra. She came out from bathroom half naked, int bra and panty, put the money on bed table. And returned to bathroom.

After the bath, she came into the room in pink color bra and panty and wear the salwar suit, she had kept that on the bed. After 10 minutes, she heard someone is opening the door, she became alert. One Arab sheikh entered into the room and closed the door. Anjali was shocked, she was thinking that she knows his face. After putting some pressure on her mind, she came to remember that he is the same sheikh who used to give her daily work updates.

Anjali's exceptional journey to Arab country: Who was the Sheikh?

She was deep shock, the sheikh was her client. Sheikh started saying – Anjali, I love you. The day i saw you over web cam I fell in your love. I want to marry you and I want to make you my fourth wife. I am really sorry, I brought you here in illegal way but took away my all money but please marry me. Anjali was still in deep shock. She replied – I want to go home. But sheikh started crying – Please Anjali, I love you. He gave his diamond ring to her. Anjali denied first but she thought there is no other way to escape from this place. She accepted it.

Anjali, without loosing a moment, started to kiss the sheikh on his lips. She put off her salwar and pyjama and she was half naked now, only in bra and panty. Sheikh was happy, he thought she is ready to marry him. Anjali pushed him on the bed, climbed over him. Anjali continued to kiss everywhere on his body. Sheikh’s hand was also going to and fro on Anjali’s body. 

Soon, after countless kisses on his body, sheikh started to get seduced. Sheikh closed his eyes, enjoying the lovely kisses from Anjali. Suddenly, a perfect blow to the sheikh’s throat and sheikh was unconscious. Sheikh had forgot that once Anjali had mentioned, she practice judo-karate as her hobby.

Anjali's exceptional journey to Arab country: The climax

Anjali moved and opened the wardrobe and wear a burkha over the bra and panty only, she had no time to wear salwar suit. She took some money from sheikh’s pocket and that diamond ring. That 5000 INR were still in her bra. She rushed towards the door, as sheikh’s had already three wives, his house was full of people, so no one noticed her. Anjali rushed to the road, hired a cab and directed the cab driver to drive to Indian Embassy.

After reaching Indian Embassy, she told the full story, after few verification, staffs of Indian Embassy sent her to India by next flight.

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