How to destroy your dirty thought: A Buddhist Story of Transformation

How to destroy your dirty thought: A Buddhist Story of Transformation
In the times of Gautam Buddha, there lived a famous courtesan named Amrapali. She was known for her beauty and wealth, but deep down, she suffered from a lack of love and respect from those around her. That is until she met a young Buddhist monk who showed her the power of love and respect, ultimately transforming her life.

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How to destroy your dirty thought: The Amrapali Story

Amrapali was declared “nagarwan,” which means the wife of the whole town due to her beauty. She was so sought after that even kings had to wait to meet her. However, she was still seen as merely a prostitute, and thus, people used her without respecting her as a human being.
One day, while standing on her terrace, Amrapali saw a young monk and was immediately drawn to his presence, awareness, and grace. For the first time, someone looked at her with respect and gave her the dignity of being a human being. Amrapali ran down to meet him, touched his feet in reverence, and invited him to be her guest and accept her food.
The young monk agreed but stated that he would have to ask his master for permission first. When he did, other monks rushed to Gautam Buddha to inform him of the situation. They believed it was not appropriate for a monk to stay in a prostitute’s home for four months during the rainy season.
However, Gautam Buddha understood the power of love and respect and allowed the young monk to stay with Amrapali. He trusted his disciple and believed that his strong meditation practice would protect him from any temptations.
The story caused quite a stir among the monks, with many gossiping about Gautam Buddha’s decision. But he stood firm in his belief that love and respect can transform lives.

How to destroy your dirty thought: What happened after four months?

After four months, when the young monk returned, he brought Amrapali back with him. She had become so touched by his awareness and purity that she wanted to be initiated into the commune. From a courtesan, Amrapali became one of the enlightened women amongst Buddha’s disciples.
This story teaches us two valuable lessons. The first is the transformative power of love and respect. Amrapali, who had been objectified and used by many, found herself drawn to a young monk who treated her with dignity and respect. This simple act of kindness awakened a deep longing for love and connection within her, ultimately changing her life for the better.
We often underestimate the impact of our actions on others. But this story shows us that treating others with love and respect can have a profound effect on their lives. It can bring out the best in them and help them see their true worth.

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The second lesson is the importance of seeing beyond appearances. Amrapali’s beauty and wealth had made her the center of attention, but it was only when someone saw beyond her exterior that she found true happiness and fulfillment. We must learn to look past physical appearances and see the beauty within people’s souls.
This lesson is especially relevant in today’s society, where we are bombarded with unrealistic beauty standards and materialism. We must learn to value people for who they are rather than what they look like or what they have.

How to destroy your dirty thought: Conclusion

In conclusion, the story of Amrapali teaches us about the power of love and respect to transform lives. We must strive to treat others with kindness, compassion, and respect, regardless of their background or appearance. As Gautam Buddha said, “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” So let us spread love and respect, and watch as it changes not only others’ lives but also our own.

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How to destroy your dirty thought: A Buddhist Story of Transformation

How to destroy your dirty thought: A Buddhist Story of Transformation

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