How to get rid of Toxic People: A Zen Buddhist Lesson on Focusing on Your Life

How to get rid of Toxic People
In our fast-paced and often chaotic world, it’s easy to get caught up in the noise and distractions of everyday life. We often find ourselves worrying about what others are doing, saying, and thinking. We compare ourselves to others, constantly seeking validation and approval. But in the midst of all this external chaos, we forget to focus on the most important aspect of our lives – OURSELVES.

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How to get rid of Toxic People: Zen Buddhism Teaching

The teachings of Zen Buddhism revolve around embracing simplicity and finding inner peace. One powerful lesson from this philosophy is the importance of focusing on your own life, rather than getting caught up in the lives of others.
The story of a student monk who wants to leave his temple due to the toxic environment is a perfect example of this lesson. The monk is surrounded by negativity – politics, gossip, and criticism from other monks. He believes that he cannot lead a spiritual life in such an environment and longs to go to a peaceful and quiet monastery.

How to get rid of Toxic People: What is thought of Master Monk?

The wise master monk listens to the student’s concerns and tells him that he can leave, but only after completing one last task. He hands the student a spoonful of water and asks him to carry it around the monastery without spilling a single drop. The master adds that if the student can do this successfully, he will be allowed to go to a peaceful monastery.
Eager to complete the task and leave the toxic environment behind, the student monk sets out on his task. He walks around the monastery with utmost focus, determined not to spill a single drop of water. After a few hours, he returns to the master with a happy face, having completed the task successfully.
But then the master asks him a thought-provoking question – did he hear any of the negative chatter from other monks while carrying the water? The student realizes that he was so focused on his goal that he didn’t even notice the noise around him. The master monk then explains the lesson – when we are fully focused on our own goals and purpose, the negative words and behaviors of others become nothing but background noise.

What is life?

In life, there will always be toxic people and distractions. It’s easy to get caught up in others’ lives and lose sight of our own. But the more we focus on others, the more we lose ourselves. The master monk reminds us to stay true to ourselves, our goals, and our spiritual path, no matter the distractions or challenges we may face.
Focusing on ourselves doesn’t mean being selfish or self-absorbed. It means prioritizing our own growth and journey. As the saying goes, “if you don’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you?”

How to get rid of Toxic People: How the monk deal with it?

The student monk in the story believed that by going to a different monastery, he would escape from all the negativity and find inner peace. But the wise master reminds him that no matter where he goes, there will always be toxic people and negative influences. It’s up to us to stay focused on our path and not let these distractions sway us.
We all have our own unique paths in life, and it’s essential to stay true to them. By focusing on our goals, we drown out all the surrounding noise and can find inner peace and purpose. We must listen to our hearts and trust our intuition rather than getting swayed by others’ opinions.
Moreover, as the master monk points out, even negative people have a good side to them that we may not see. Often we judge others based on our perceptions, but if we focus on ourselves, we can let go of these judgments and see everyone in a positive light. And if there are truly toxic people in our lives, focusing on ourselves can help us distance ourselves from their negativity.
It’s crucial to remember that true happiness comes from within. We cannot rely on external factors or people to make us happy. If we are unhappy in one place, we will be unhappy everywhere. As the master monk says, “there’s not a place in the world that can make you happy.”

Conclusion: How to get rid of Toxic People

In conclusion, the story of the student monk and the spoonful of water teaches us a valuable lesson – focus on your life and yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in others’ lives and lose sight of our own path, but by staying true to ourselves and silencing the external noise, we can find inner peace and purpose.
Let us embrace the teachings of Zen Buddhism and learn to prioritize our own growth and journey. Let us not fear being selfish in this aspect, for only when we are at peace with ourselves can we spread love and positivity to others.
So take a moment to pause and reflect – are you too focused on others’ lives? Are you neglecting your own growth and purpose? Remember, you have the power within you to create your own happiness and fulfillment. Focus on your life, climb higher, and aim higher – the sky’s the limit.

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